Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week One over, and other stuff

Week one (of four) is over.  Three days of Body Boot Camp, and I went to two of them.  Why'd I miss one?  Because last night the temptuarture at Memorial Park was SUB-FREEZING!  I will not subject that to myself.  I want to get fit, not become a masochist!

Monday was good, only day this week I wasn't sore.  Wednesday was better, I prefer our Wednesday instructor to our Monday one.  She worked out with us, she didn't just watch.  I much prefer that.  She's also female, as are all the people in the group, and that is just better.  Not sure why exactly, but it is.  Wednesday was also warmer, nearly 60 degrees.  I shed two upper layers that night (of three).  But then I left without retrieving my sweatshirt from the bench.  :(  Next time I go I'll see if I'm extremely lucky and someone grabbed it for me.

Food wise, I've been so-so.  Doing good one day, having frozen pizza the next.  This week, I'll try to do better.

And eleswhere in my world, it's the second Saturday of the month which means it's Stampin' Saturday.  I'm off to Nancy's in a bit to stamp.  I always enjoy that.  Then it's off to my mothers.  My dad made homemade Potato soup last night and we are all going to enjoy that, then maybe going to go see Sherlock Holmes.

Tomorrow I will attempt to complete my goal of replacing my brown boots.  The soles have come detatched.  I have attempted to repair them, but one of them came detached again.  Lovely.  I hate shopping for shoes.  I'm way too picky.  I have less then "perfect" feet and specific personal requirments.  But I'll go look.

Worked all three days that I could last week, next week is a full week, and I've already got a job for Tuesday.  I am registered with 2 districts now, and Cy-Fair has called everyday this week, but I already had jobs with Katy for all three days.  Tomorrow I'll try to get some Cy-Fair jobs for next week.  The pay is slightly higher and after 30 jobs they'll pay me for the training I had to attend, and if I work 55 jobs in a single semester I get an extra $100 just because.  So Cy-Fair is prefered over Katy.  Besides, I live in Cy-Fair.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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