Monday, January 4, 2010


I don't make resolutions.  I've always felt that any change you want to make for yourself doesn't need a calendar.  It just needs for you to decide to make that change.

I still hold by that, but coincidences happen, and I'm making a change and it just happens to coincide with the new year.  Last week, I bought a Groupon for $30 which was for a month of Body Boot Camp.  Its starts tonight.  It's three nights a week for four weeks, one hour sessions in the eveings.... outdoors.  Wow, outdoor workouts in January?!?  I could have waited to redeem it, it's good through June, but I figure now is always better then later.  So I signed up for January.

I went in for my Body Analysis today.  I didn't get the measurements he took, but my weight is 154 lbs and my body fat is 33.7%, and both numbers are on the high end.  I'll do it again after the month is up so I can compare the numbers.  I'll take some measurements myself in a bit as well (belly, hip, thigh, arm).

I went out the other day to buy some workout clothes appropriate to the weather (layers!) and a yoga mat.  I still have my Wii Fit that I got for Christmas and I still love Spark People.  Lets see how it goes!  Wish me luck!!!

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