Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What to read? Where to read?

I'm in a yahoo group that is a general interest reading group, although most of us tend towards paranormal / fantasy / sci-fi books.  What's generally referred to as popular fiction in the industry.  Anyway, one particular member likes to post general questions to the group to stimulate conversation.  Here are two recent ones, and my response.

Amy: We all obviously are semi-attached to our computers and are all readers.  Where is/are your computer(s) located? What type of things surround it?  Is it anywhere near where you keep your books?  How many of you have actual libraries instead of overflowing piles?

Me:  I have a room to myself in our house. It's a 4 bedroom, we have "our room", "his room", and "my room". Then there's the extra bedroom. Eventually, someday, it'll be a baby's room, but right now it stores holiday stuff, an extra bed, an extra desk, and 5 bookcases. One is half filled with books he owns (but never reads) and the rest are mine.

In my room I have all my craft stuff (mostly rubber stamping and scrap-booking) and my computer desk. I'm also one of those people who will cover ANY flat surface with stuff. So my work area (craft) and my desk are covered in stuff. Right now on my desk there are 15 books. Two I'm finished with, two I'm halfway through (one of which I'll finish), another four that I've read some of (short story collections), and seven that I haven't read yet, but most of those will be read soon, the others are "on the list".

Other things on my desk right now: stamp sets, data cds. music cds. one DVD, a calculator, candy, the box to my ipod dock, a stack of Sims games, an extra keyboard (for when I boot my mac in Windows mode), a wireless mouse I can't get to work, my checkbook, 2 camera, a happy bunny key chain (which says "Hiiiiiii Loser!" when you push it's button), stickers, two forks, camera case, stamp catalog, assorted papers.. and I think you get the idea!! (btw, thats not even half!) LOL

Amy: How do you decide on what to read? Do you read books because it's on a reading challenge? Do you read the books because of a reading group recommendation? Does it have more to do with what reading material is closest at hand? Are you more of a mood reader and keep picking up available books until something strikes a chord? Do you assign yourself certain types of books to read?

Me: I read whatever strikes my fancy. :)

Sometimes I see something at work (ok, a lot of the time I find stuff at work!). Customers will recommend authors. I like to read series, so I'll find one then go off in search of the rest. I just finished the Daughters of the Moon series (13 YA books). I found the first one for $3 in the bargain blowout.. got the rest at the library. I was kinda into the Betsy the Vampire Queen, but then got to a point in the story where there was a short story that I didn't have, so they got set aside for a while. I have it now, so I can read it then the rest of the Betsy books. In the meanwhile I got ahold of all of her (MaryJanice Davidson's) werewolf stories. 

If I'm not in the middle of something... when I finish a book and I haven't already picked out the next, I goto my shelf in the extra bedroom, and look at what I have that I've gotten in the near, and not-so-near past and just see what strikes my fancy from that shelf.

I've kinda entered into a werewolf phase... I just finished the Wyndham werewolves, and I've of course read all the Mercy books, but what else is out there? I prefer when a series follows one / a group of characters rather then jumping from character to character like MJD does. Oh, I've really liked the early Kelley Armstrong books, the ones on werewolves.

Anyway, there's a hint into how I think... that is if anyone followed any of that at all!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mojo Monday Challenge #71

I did a challange!  This is my first stamping project (outside of my demo's stamping saturday) that I've done in I don't know how long!  It's for the Mojo Monday challenge, this one is number 71.

Trolling for ideas, I was browsing around the Always gallery on Split Coast Stampers when I came across this card by Lynda.  I really liked the color scheme, so I took it!  Sky Blue, Blue Bayou, and Real Red - and she got them from a color challange last year.  (yeah, these are last years In Colors, but I figured, what the heck!  I like them!)  

Designer paper is from the Patterns Pack (Winter Catty 08 hostess Set).  Stamp set is Always, ribbon is retired Blue Bayou double stiched grosgrain, 1 ¼" circle punch, scallop circle punch, scallop edge punch and one red rhinestone brad.  The card is 5 ½" square.

I hope you like it!