Monday, February 1, 2010

January's Over

I have completed the January Body Boot camp.  Went in last Saturday for another Body Fat Analysis and here are my numbers.
weight - from 154.5 to 151.5
Fat% - from 32.7% to 27.2%
waist - from 36.5 to 35.5
hips - from 43 to 42
Body Fat #s - from 52 to 41 pounds

So I lost 3 pounds overall, but 11 pounds of body fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle.  One inch off each my waist and hips, and body fat went down 5 and half points!  I'd have preferred a larger overall weight loss, but I'm happy with the body fat loss.  The healthy range for body fat for a woman my age is from 21 to 33%, so the closer I get to 21% the better, but I'm ok where I'm at too.

I mentioned that I liked Wednesday's instructor more then Mondays.  Turns out that the Monday instructor I had was a fill in, but even after I met the real instructor I still liked Wednesday's better.  BUT, I liked Fridays the most!  His name is John, and although male, he's just a better instructor.  He's also military which has a lot to do with my preference and we spend more time working out and less time running.

Over the course of the month, I missed 3 workouts.  The first two Fridays, both for weather reasons.  One was simply too cold.  The other it was raining.  The third night was the third Monday and hubby and I plus another couple and their two kids all went out to dinner.  Scheduling prevented me from attending the workout.  (But the meal was fantastic!)

I did sign up for February.  This month, because there are so many signed up, there are two classes, a "beginner" and an "advanced".  John is teaching the advanced class all three nights (one of the reasons I signed up rather then finding something cheaper).

First workout for this month was tonight.  It was a good workout.  Last month's Monday instructor is the other teacher for this month and she was there too.  We all worked out together tonight as one large group, we'll break into two groups on Wednesday.  She (I can't remember her name) is in LOVE with lunges, and my thighs are SO not.  I'll be sore tomorrow!  Weather was crappy but not too cold.  Good thing it only misted and started after I got there, I might not have gone!  (I hate rain)

I'll try to keep you posted on how I do as the month progresses.  Thanks for reading!

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Chrissy D said...

Great progress Dana! Way to go!!!