Tuesday, September 8, 2009

C25K - Week 2 begins.. and a little excitement at the end

Had my first run last night, first of week two that is. Last week I was running 1 min, then walking 1.5 mins, doing that for about 20 mins. This week it's run 1.5 mins, then walk 2 mins. Over the next couple of months I'll work my way up to running non-stop for the whole time. :)

I take my dogs with me, and I take them off-leash. Since it's hot out, I wait until after dark to run. And since I run alone, I think taking the dogs with me is a sensible thing to do. Besides, they love it! But last night, at the end of the run, while I was walking my cool down, Cera discovered an animal of some kind. A possum maybe? Anyway, she took off after it. So did Maxie, but Maxie listened when I called her back. Not Cera. Scared the little creature out of its mind I'm sure. Whatever it was, it couldn't climb a tree, it was just trying to out run my dog. Which it can't. But since Cera wasn't trying to catch it, just wanted to play, she kept right with it, all the way down the road, going from yard to yard. So instead of walking a cool down, I'm after my dog!

Eventually she responded. I'm not sure if she got tired of the full out running she was doing, or if it found someplace Cera couldn't get. I was just afraid she'd corner it and get hurt when it tried to defend itself.

Anyway... that was the excitement of the night and we all got home safe and sound (even the creature).

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Micki Hall said...

So what did Maxie do after she came back? Sit there and feel superior because Cera was acting like a fool? I wish we could teach Sam to not run around like a fool when he gets out.