Sunday, February 1, 2009

Books I read in January

What I read this month....

Goddess of the Night - Lynn Ewing (Daughters of the Moon, Book 1)
Into the Cold Fire - Lynn Ewing (book 2)
Night Shade - Lynn Ewing (book 3)
The Secret Scroll - Lynn Ewing (book 4)
The Sacrifice - Lynn Ewing (book 5)
The Lost One - Lynn Ewing (book 6)
Moon Demon - Lynn Ewing (book 7)
Possession - Lynn Ewing (book 8)
The Choice - Lynn Ewing (book 9)
The Talisman - Lynn Ewing (book 10)
Gift Wrap - Charlaine Harris - Short Story
The Star of David - Patricia Briggs - Short Story
The Prophecy - Lynn Ewing (book 11)
The Becoming - Lynn Ewing (book 12)
The Final Eclipse - Lynn Ewing (book 13)
Lovers Prisoner - MaryJanice Davidson (84 page short story)
Jared's Wolf - MaryJanice Davidson (78 page short story)
Dead and Lovin it - MaryJanice Davidson
Derik's Bane - MaryJanice Davidson
Undead and Unpopular - MaryJanice Davidson
Undead and Uneasy - MaryJanice Davidson
Dead over Heels - MaryJanice Davidson (2 of three short stories, the other is about the mermaid and I haven't read any of those yet)
Undead and Unworthy - MaryJanice Davidson

wow! That was a lot more then I expected! But then 13 of there were young adult and a bunch were MaryJanice Davidson and her books are very quick. Up for this month... the new Patricia Briggs, Rachel Vincent's Pride, there are 2 novels of the Darken I need to read. I still have Plum Spooky on the list, and a new vampire series (for me) by Karrelyn Sparks that I've picked up. Who knows what else I'll find in February!

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