Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meet Cera

I'd like to introduce the newest member of our household, Cera. She is about 7 weeks old, give or take, (she's the puppy of a stray, and her birth was not witnessed). I got her though a storefront at a local mall which has animals for adoption Thursday through Sunday. I've been bugging DH about getting a puppy for months now, and I decided to stop in after work today. There were 6 puppies from 4 litters there, that I imagine had only arrived hours, if that, before. While I was there, three were adopted, Cera included.

She's a boxer mix, and her adult weight is going to be somewhere between 30 and 55 lbs, I'm hoping on the smaller end as the dog we already have, Maxie, is 35 lbs. She's sleeping right now, she and Maxie were playing in the back yard earlier and it wore her out. I'm so glad they get along, I was afraid they might not. In fact, when they were first introduced, it looked like they weren't. Maxie growled and snapped at her, but within an hour, were playing. Maxie wants to play rougher with her then she can handle right now, she so young. But she'll get there.

Here are a few pictures, and a 4 min video of the two of them playing. If you care to watch. :)


Ms. Priscy said...

Oh Dana - she is darn CUTE!! Are those blue eyes I see? I just love her bark - funny, my dogs immediately came into my room to see when I played this.
Maxie and her are going to get along so well! I love how she is scoping out her new home!
CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition!

larue said...

Dana, What a darling pup. I really enjoyed watching both of your furbabies playing.
We rescued a pup about 1 yr. ago who is the sweetest and best pup you could ask for. What a joy.

Sherrie said...

I love your new puppy - she is so stinkin cute!!!

Catherine said...

She has the prettiest blue eyes... Adorable, congratulations!

TA Carbone said...

Maxie wants to play so much but it seems like Cera just wants to check out everything. Let us know how they both are doing

Nanc said...

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