Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little of my own Bits & Pieces....

My mom has been doing Digital Scraping lately, and she just posted some new layouts to her blog - Micki's Bits & Pieces - including one of little 'ol me!  Go check it out!!

In other news.... Phantom is coming to Houston this summer.  I have known about this 
for months of course, and I put the date that the tickets go on sale in my calendar (April 19th) - but the other day I get an email... the tickets are going on sale early for eClub members - of which I am one - and I could buy them now.  so, of course I go and see what the prices are and what kinds of seats are available... I wasn't actually going to buy them yet... but I found tickets for third row, center!  Of course I bought them!  I mean, they were only $85 a piece!  LOL  

So my husband and I will be at the Hobby Center come Wednesday night on July 29th! I am very excited.

This will be my fifth live performance.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

38 so far this year, and counting!

I never posted my February reads, so this is for the last two months.

  • How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks
  • Vamps and the City- Kerrelyn Sparks
  • Hunters Moon - CT Adams and Cathy Clamp
  • Moons Web - CT Adams and Cathy Clamp
  • Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs
  • Naked in Death - JD Robb (re-read)
  • Be Still my Vampire Heart- Kerrelyn Sparks
  • All I want for Christmas is a Vampire- Kerrelyn Sparks
  • Pride - Rachel Vienct
  • Promises in Death - JD Robb

  • Daemon - Daniel Suarez
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - JK Rowling (re-read)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - JK Rowling (re-read)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - JK Rowling (re-read)
  • Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn
  • Deal Breaker - Harlen Coben
  • Kitty goes to Washington - Carrie Vaughn

I'm up to 38 so far this year (not counting the 2 I've got for April already)

I didn't get much read in march because I promised that after I finished the HP books, I'd put the books aside so I could catch up on the TV shows on the DVR. I had DOZENS of shows, some going to back before christmas! LOL But I got all caught up and went back to my books.

I've got the rest of the Kitty books here, I've got 4 more of the Coban books on the way from PBS. I read Men of the Otherworld by Kelly Armstrong, and that made me want to finish THAT series, so I picked up the last three, and I just (re)started the first one, Bitten... I also bought the newest Kerrelyn Sparks vampire book.... too many books!!!!! (I love it!)