Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not Pregnant Anymore

Turns out that the pregnancy wasn't viable from the get-go. It just never developed... at least that is the prevailing theory. :)

I want in for my first ultrasound (u/s) in late May at 8w5d and they could not find a heartbeat nor see anything on the screen. They rescheduled another u/s for a week later and drew some blood... my blood work came back as I was very pregnant and there should definitely be a heartbeat. So, the second u/s is when I was 10w2d and there was still nothing to see and no heartbeat. Being overly cautious, my doctor wanted one more u/s, which was performed when I was 12w2d. Between that, and my falling blood levels of betaHCG, it was determined conclusively that I had miscarried. It was diagnosed as a "Missed Miscarriage" since my body so far had not done anything about it itself (although because my blood levels were falling, my body "knew' something was off). A D&C was scheduled for that Friday (4 days later) at 12w6d. Well my body actually did start to miscarry naturally very early Friday morning, which made the surgery that much easier on me. I only needed two pain pills total, I took a days worth of some med to shrink my uterus, and a weeks work of antibiotics.

I have another doctors appt next week, as a follow-up, but we have been told that we can try again to get pregnant in three months. DH and I are okay with the miscarriage, as I said at the beginning, this was never viable to begin with, and it was never "real" to either of us. We will get it right the next time though!! LOL


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